Apollo 13 Haze

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15% to 19%
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Strain Information

The Apollo 13 Haze is a cross of their own Apollo 13 with Cinderella 99 and Super Silver Haze. This fast-acting cerebral was created by the Brothers Grimm. This strain has a reputation for having glorious genetics. It brings rush and high that can make you be contented. Whenever you like it, day or night is good.

The flavor that will remind you would be a sweet and citrusy type of flavor from orange, pineapple, and lemon with a combination of over classic haze aromas from earthy pine skunky scent.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Apollo 13 Haze?

The flavor of the strain Apollo 13 Haze is represented as a hint of citrus, sweetness with a subtle taste of a skunky earthy kick aroma. This strain can make you feel uplifting. It can make you feel euphoric, creative, energetic, focused, and happy.

What are the medical benefits of Apollo 13 Haze?

Apollo 13 Haze can help people who are suffering from chronic pain and migraine. In some cases, anxiety and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Apollo 13 Haze

When using this hybrid strain, you can experience the drying of the mouth associated with the drying of the eyes. In some cases, there were anxious and dizzy and paranoia for first-time users of Sativa dominant cannabis.

How to Grow Apollo 13 Haze?

Apollo 13 Haze is hybrid cannabis that plants grow well indoors or outdoors. It can flower as early as 7 weeks to 10 weeks of cultivation. It can give a heavier yield if well taken care of.