Arctic Fallout

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20% to 25%
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Strain Information

This is an Indica Dominant cannabis strain created by House of Funk Genetics. It demands an outstanding system of controlling odor when cultivated indoors due to its smelly buds that are capable enough of filling an entire cannabis garden. It is known for its capacity to produce heavy yields with intense potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Arctic Fallout?

This weed is an extremely stinky strain.  This strain’s high is preferably durable. It substitutes any frenetic energy with a gentle one, blowing your mind without a worry in the universe and your body in an elevating pool of ecstasy. Trained users will relish indulging. Arctic Fallout is best for evening consumption.

What are the Medical Benefits of Arctic Fallout?

This plant extends some therapeutic use that aids in a variety of illnesses. It is most beneficial in fighting depression and stress. No distress can hinder you in your sleep when you are under its magic, so go on and savor your good night’s dream.

Negative Effects you can expect from Arctic Fallout?

The marijuana plant is similar to its relatives in the cannabis family, also has its adverse effects like dry mouth and throat, dry, itchy eyes, and dizziness in some of them. Overdose can further lead to paranoia, so beginner users require to have it in mind. 

How to Grow Arctic Fallout?

This cannabis strain is an Indica propensity combination with 20-25% of THC levels. This strain formulated by the House of Funk has exceptional terpene levels and resin composition, making this a well-known choice for users and growers. Arctic Fallout cannabis strain is suitable for evening consumption.