Arne’s Hash Plant (Aka: Hash Plant 2)

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Strain Information

Also known as Hash Plant 2, Arne’s Hash Plant is a combination of Eno’s x-files and AmnesiaHaze / Arne. Proudly bred by Zenseeds, it produces a plant emitting a mixture of sweetness and spiciness of herbs and hash. It produces a plant with green maple-like leaves with an adequate shower of white trichomes and compact flowers. This fast-flowering strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors either by novices or pros alike. It is not available as feminized seeds.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Arne’s Hash Plant?

Arne’s Hash Plant’s scent is just a preview of its taste. Like its mouth-watering aroma, it is sweet like fresh tropical fruits, but also gives off a touch of spiciness with herbal and hash undertones. It delivers a long-lasting euphoric high. To make the grand entrance of euphoric high possible, it cleans up the mind first of any pessimism and racing thoughts. Once the clean-up is done, it will be replaced by an overflowing current of optimism, creativity and focus. The user will feel energized and happy as if the pessimism never existed in the first place. He will be motivated to do anything that needs to be done. The next clean-up will happen in the body. As the high descends from the back of the head to the body, it massages as it pushes its way to the toes.

What are the Medical Benefits of Arne’s Hash Plant?

Arne’s Hash Plant performance in the recreational field equates its abilities in the medicinal purposes category. The full head and body-calming are great for soothing agonizing headaches and migraines. Because of its motivating qualities, it is also recommended as medical marijuana for those suffering from depression and anxiety. It might not take away the illness completely away, but it makes it bearable. It helps the user’s productivity, instilling a feeling of accomplishment that alleviates the symptoms. The increase in focus helps in calming ADD and ADHD patients.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Arne’s Hash Plant

The potency of the strain can induce dry mouth, dry eyes, parched throat, anxiety, lethargy, nausea, hallucinations, and paranoia. As advised for most potent strains, stay within your tolerance and always keep yourself hydrated.

How to grow Arne’s Hash Plant? Some information and Tips

Arne’s Hash Plant suits the hydroponic cultivation well. Since it’s a sativa dominant plant, it loves light. Never let the intensity exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit though. The humidity should be between 55 -65 percent RH. It does not like overfeeding so minimize fertilizers, but still make sure the basic nutrients are all there.