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13% to 18%
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Strain Information

Meet this cannabis variety, which is the result of Gage Green breeding of Breakout and Grape Puff cannabis strains. The result is a balanced hybrid having both parents grown in a probiotic garden by Gage Green themselves. That ensures good quality cannabis from the seeds to harvest. The result is a satisfying plant that will produce buds like jewels generously covered with radiating purple trichomes. This variety has large colas

What are the Flavor and Effects of Ascension?

Enjoy the taste of sweet berries, grapes, spicy, earthy, piney, and more. Any of these flavors can dominate the others so you can experience different flavors with each use. You will also feel motivated with this cannabis with negative thoughts being replaced by a loving and holistic mind together with a peaceful feeling. It is suitable for day or night to take.

What are the Medical Benefits of Ascension?

If you need help with creativity, this strain is the one to look for to get those tasks done. It also ranks high when it comes to effectiveness for numbness, pain, relief, and euphoria. It also helps is appetite gain and to stay calm.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Ascension

You can experience the negative effect of anxiety and dry mouth. Do not exceed the typical usage to avoid more substantial adverse effects. Heavy and long term use can result in other problems.

How to Grow Ascension? 

This cannabis grows well in a greenhouse setting, indoor and outdoor. Nurture and wait for a big bush when in a vegetative state before flowering. You need to check your plant regularly, feed them regularly, and ensure their other needs are met.