Aspen OG

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Strain Information

As the name implies, Aspen OG plants are covered in snowy resin-like Aspen in the winter. This strain was created by 303 Seeds breeders. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid was made from a cross between the Sour Cream and the SFV OG Kush. In certain varieties, the sativa dominancy tend to increase to up to 90%. The prominence of sativa in this strain makes it a great option for both solo and social enjoyment. It makes users feel euphoric as soon as they begin smoking it.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Aspen OG?

The Aspen OG strain has a piney and mossy scent, which is often undercut by the sour kick, courtesy of the Sour Diesel lineage. On inhale, the strain tastes skunky while fruity on the exhale. The effects of this strain come in waves. It starts as a fast-acting high, causing users to feel pressure around the temple and eyes immediately. Users will also start to have altered perceptions and visual distortions. These effects are useful when trying to complete any task. Soon after, users will begin to feel relaxed and happy in a calm place.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Aspen OG?

The Aspen OG can uplift cerebral euphoria, relieving stress, anxiety and even depression. The strain can also cause soothing deep-seated and chronic pains and aches like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Additionally, the Aspen OG is used to help boost appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Aspen OG?

As Aspen OG is potent, novice smokers should be mindful of the dose. When used above tolerance levels, users may start to experience paranoia.

How to Grow Aspen OG?

The Aspen OG can be grown indoors and outdoors. For successful outdoor growing, the plants should have a consistently warm and humid climate. A relatively rare find, Aspen OG is only sold in brick-and-mortar locations to avoid online retail fraud. To make up for this rarity, the Aspen OG can be grown from clippings from a mature plant.