Astro Queen

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Strain Information

Astro Queen strain is a 60/40 Indica Dominant hybrid bred by TGA subcool. This strain is a crossbreed of Astro Boy and Space Queen cannabis.

What are the flavor and effects of Astro Queen?

It has a tropical citrus aroma that mixes with notes of sweet cherry and watermelon that taste delicious. This strain can cure prolonged pain and massive headaches. Astro queen is best for evening consumption. This strain will make you feel excited, relaxed, calm, numb, will boost your appetite, and free from pain.  Astro Queen Cannabis strain’s high is a relatively narcotic, exciting effect that has been characterized as experimental and ocular. It will clear your mind with focus and directness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Astro Queen?

Same with the other cannabis and plants, the health benefits include relief from pain, such as chronic headache, muscular pain, back pain, ignoring your body in a peaceful and heaven position. Astro Queen also gives the same medical benefits; this applies explicitly to curing stress, depression, and fatigue.

Negative Effects of Astro Queen?

You may experience dry mouth like you want to drink a lot of water every minute. That may lead to difficulty in talking like you swallowed your tongue. Also, you may experience anxiety, like you are unable to speak, to focus, to think positively, or even move. It may sound exaggerated, but stress can lead to physical symptoms like chest pain, rapid heartbeat, shaking, and sweating.

How to Grow Astro Queen?

This cannabis plant is recognized for producing relief in terms of planting. Also, Astro Queen will give you a 56 days average flowering period and would not provide you any feminized seeds. Growers have found out that it is challenging to grow.