Atomic Jukebox

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Strain Information

Mr. Natural Seeds has brought an Indica dominant strain to life. They use the legendary Skunk strain and the funky Haze Chem Dog. It resulted in a 70% Indica superior gene that still has a potent 30% of the Sativa.

The strain was named after the 60’s Jukebox and is known for its sticky trichomes that cover its nuggets.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Atomic Jukebox Strain?

This cannabis strain has the essence of skunky and earthy base and emits a citrusy undertone similar to lemons. Its effects are body buzzing that is typical to the Indicas, which often leads to a deep sleep due to its sedating effects.

What are the Medical Benefits of Atomic Jukebox Strain?

Generally, like other cannabis strain, it helps users possessing a sense of higher physical and mental leisure, pain reduction, improved appetite, and sufficient sleep. These strains commonly contribute a sense of profound body relaxation and tend to produce a longer energizing experience.

Negative Effects you can expect from Atomic Jukebox Strain?

This cannabis strain users may experience side effects like dry red eyes, dry mouth and throat, changes in mood, and dizziness. More severe side effects include anxiety or paranoia, rapid heartrate, and depression. Regulation of intake may be considered.

How to Grow Atomic Jukebox Strain?

This cannabis plant has a shorter flowering duration and higher yields; they have been continuously popular amongst growers. Shorter flowering durations determine plants developed and complete growing adequately. This permits outdoor gardens to survive in environments where fall changes to winter suddenly. In addition to that, the advantage of breeding this cannabis is its short height, which is perfect for most gardens indoors and out where the area is restricted, and direct sunlight is essential.