Auto Shark

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
8% to 12 %
30 - 100 gr/sqm (indoor); 30 to 100 g/plant (outdoor) 
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Strain Information

Auto Shark is a hybrid auto-flowering strain of cannabis with indica, sativa and ruderalis composition. The Pyramid Seeds created this strain of cannabis by crossbreeding the Tiburon strain, a hybrid of Super Skunk strain and the Northern Lights strain, with a ruderalis variety. The birth of the Auto Shark was not an easy task among the breeders. It took them years before getting the right ruderalis to pair to make the Auto Shark that we have now. Physically, it has a dense and buds with bountiful of resin production and pistils in color range of orange to brown hints. The sticky buds have hairs in white trichomes. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Shark?

This strain of cannabis is going to be much loved among people who are fond of Skunk flavor. This strain is dominantly skunk aroma and taste. The cannabis strain, Auto Shark has a very high impact which allows the consumers to have very productive and remarkable smoking for the day and they will be honored with impressions of pleased appreciation while doing some undertakings or endeavors. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Shark?

The Auto Shark strain is sought by many people especially used for the purpose of utilizing as therapeutic means. It can help in dealing with depression and anxiety. It can also extend its medical capacity in the reduction of pain and stress. It can even stimulate appetite for people with eating problems or lack of appetite. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Shark?

When consuming the strain especially if it happens regularly, you may start to encounter drying of the mouth and eyes which is temporary and may manifest due to dehydration. It can likewise lead to another set of adverse impacts like dizziness and paranoia but at a minimal rate only if the strain has consumed at a large percentage. 

How to Grow Auto Shark?

The Auto Shark strain is very easy to cultivate indoor and outdoor growing settings. Even beginner growers can try their skills in thriving their own Auto Shark cannabis plant. It can average amount of product and it has a fast flowering capacity which means you can grow many cycles annually.