Auto Speed Bud

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Strain Information

If you are not a fan of earthy and woody flavors and aroma, then you will definitely love Auto Speed Bud. Bred by Female Seeds, Auto Speed Bud is a combination of strains carefully selected for their quick finish, abundant production of resin, and a higher production of flowers than ferns. However, the specific names of the unknown hybrid and ruderalis strains remain a mystery. Nevertheless, Auto Speed Bud totally acquired the best characteristics of its mystery parents. It can be cultivated either indoors and outdoors even by novice growers. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Speed Bud?

Auto Speed Bud’s scent and the taste is not that strong, making it a great strain if you prefer to grow in secret. However, the smooth taste of diesel is undeniable. This smoothness translates to a sativa high. After just a few puffs, you will start feeling a mellow feeling starting from your head. Some users have reported a bit of pressure around the eyes or the temples. It’s the euphoria warming you up for the launch. If you feel these, be prepared to be catapulted to a satisfying euphoric high which will make you think you can achieve anything that you will do. You will be in awe of all the ideas you will have and the energy enveloping your body. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Speed Bud?

The uplifting euphoria from Auto Speed Bud is not only for recreational purposes. It is also great for stabilizing the mood. This makes it suitable for patients struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. The energizing effects of Auto Speed Bud can definitely renew their disposition. Patients with ADD and ADHD can also smoke it for increased performance and productivity. The strain can easily deliver the focus and concentration which they need the most.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Auto Speed Bud

No matter how smooth of a smoke Auto Speed Bud can be, it can also deliver adverse reactions at a speed. To avoid dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, lethargy, loss of appetite, paranoia, and drowsiness, always make sure you have water nearby and you will stay within your tolerance.

How to Grow Auto Speed Bud? Some information and Tips

Auto Speed Bud’s potential is nourished by Sea of Green (SOG) method and hydroponics. In growing rooms LED lights are recommended though HPS or CFL lighting is also fine. In watering, ensure water is dry and not wet or moist. Never overfeed it as well to avoid nutrient burn.