Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14% to 19%
15 oz per square meter
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Strain Information

The Avalon marijuana strains an indica dominant hybrid. It is a high-quality strain, being a hybrid of DJ Short’s Blueberry and Afghani. The best method to smoke this type of marijuana is through a vaporizer as it can be too strong. Beginners should be cautious when experimenting with this potent strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Avalon?

The Avalon cannabis strain offers a flavor that is best described as blueberry, sweet, and earthy. It produces a pine-like scent with undertones of lemon. This strain is known for its mega sedative effects, rendering users high relaxed both mentally and physically. It is also known for its almost permanent cough lock effects. Once the stone sets in, some users note that this strain can cause arousal and some experience short bouts of giggles.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Avalon?

This strain induces relaxing cerebral high and heavy sedative effects on the body. Because of these qualities, it is often used to treat people with anxiety, insomnia, pain and even depression. It is known to uplift the mood of the user, relieve stress, alleviate depression and promote sleep. This strain is also used to stimulate the appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Avalon

Aside from dry, itchy eyes and throat, the Avalon strain can cause paranoia, dizziness, and hunger if consumed above tolerance levels. With THC levels at 19%, this cannabis strain can also lead to an overpowering cough lock for many novices.

How to Grow Avalon?

Avalon is a dark green type of strain that grows well in both indoors and outdoors. They are relatively easy to grow as they require little to no fertilizer or nutrients to flourish. They are also resistant to problems such as fungi and mold. They also grow to about 6 feet in height.