Babylon Kush

Babylon Kush

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1.6 oz per square feet
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Strain Information

Babylon Kush comes from crossing the genetics of Red Hindu Kush (Aficionado) and Babylon Mist. The breeder is unknown so far but even with that, it gives more of its known effects that you won’t forget once you’ve taken this.

 What are the Flavor and Effects of Babylon Kush?

 This strain’s basic flavor is pine that will give you more than enough touch. This hybrid strain relies slightly on its indica impact, helping you to feel relaxed and free of all your worries, relaxing you mentally. You’ll feel more than happy to kick back to allow this strain to take over your mood completely. This hybrid plant will make you feel uplifted, and relaxed.

 What are the Medical Benefits of Babylon Kush?

 This strain can make you feel free of negative and heavy thoughts, allowing you to process everything with a clear head instead of panic. If you are with chronic and severe depression, you may benefit from this particular plant being used regularly. This bud will help if you are looking for an easy way to treat their chronic pain, particularly if you suffer from muscle pain, joint aches, headaches and back pain.

 Negative Effects You Can Expect from Babylon Kush

This strain can make you feel thirsty as you feel dry and parched in your mouth. It can also make some of you dry-eyed, leaving your eyes to feel itchy. In some cases, you may also expect a mild headache, often leading you to feel anxious.

 How to Grow Babylon Kush?

Babylon Kush can be grown indoors or outdoors. It can produce generous yields when being exposed to proper lighting, humidity, and temperature. Also, it can bring its best flavor when organic soil is being used.