Bahia de CBD

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Strain Information

Bahia de CBD is a variety that is primarily on indica genetics. This was created by VIP Seeds especially used for medicinal purposes due to the CBD level it contains. 

What are the Flavors and Effects of Bahia de CBD?

The strain, Bahia de CBD offers a very relaxing scent and tempting taste of well-blended citrus, lemon, and hints of herbs. These flavors will not only be providing the full characteristics of the plant but also its effect that could give you a very soothing and relaxing high from your head down to your body. It could give you a happy smile and make you more focused and concentrated. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Bahia de CBD?

The strain has significant CBD composition that could be beneficial for those looking for medical aid, with less psychoactive effects afterward. This could be the strain for you if you want to get off any signs of pain and stress inside your body. It could be a great treatment for anxiety and depression due to its inclination to give you calming and euphoric sensation.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bahia de CBD?

The ingestion of the Bahia de CBD strain could lead to drying of the mouth and eyes, as the result of getting dehydrated. It could potentially lead to anxiousness and paranoia when further ingested at an extremely high dosage. 

How to Grow Bahia de CBD?

The Bahia de CBD strain can be cultivated either indoor or outdoor growing setting. It can adjust to different kinds of weather conditions of the environment outside thus; it can be a great strain to cultivate for beginner growers. Always maintain an adequate supply of water and nutrients to keep the plants thrive and develop well and healthy.