Banana (Aka: C. Banana)

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
29% to 35%
600 gr/m²  (Indoor); 800-900 gr/plant (outdoor) 
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Strain Information

Banana (aka C. Banana) is a hybrid strain that is dominant in sativa variety. This strain originates in California and was created by Zamnesia. They paired the most potent strains they have named the OG Kush strain with the Banana strain which results in this strain of cannabis. The C. Banana strain was once called Banana OG and changed it into Chiquita Banana. However, the CBI or Chiquita Brands International wanted to maintain the rights they for the name and hence Chiquita Banana was rebranded again as C. Banana.

Regardless of the several name changes, the cannabis strain is as always the quality strain nonetheless. This strain is considered to be the most powerful and highest THC percentage you could ever have and grow. Physically the strain has a great reputation composed of green buds with pistils of gold color. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of C. Banana?

The serious scent and taste of the cannabis strain will generate a great delight for you. The strain has a noticeable banana fragrance with a sweet scent profile that has tropical and citrus remarks. The strain even has a peppery scent that replenishes your senses as you take a hit. It can also be a bit fruity on the side. The impacts begin with a gentle rush on the head like an old school sativa. It also provides inspiration, motivation and could uplift your feeling and mood. In all types of actions and endeavors, the strain is incredible for you. As the indica variety comes in, it generates feelings of euphoria and enhances your creativity which enters in a relaxing way. Indeed, it is incredibly balanced effects that you can enjoy in the morning. 

What are the Medical Benefits of C. Banana?

The C. Banana strain has a tremendously positive effect on people with medical conditions. It can convey the relief and treatment of people diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It can also make a great remedy for relieving stress, anxiety and even depression due to its capacity to uplift mood and make you happy. It can also give momentary solace with the pain and injuries you are enduring with. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from C. Banana?

The adverse effect that the strain C. Banana can generate manifestation of anxiety and paranoia. These are achieved by ingesting a high amount of the strain or if you have a soft tolerance to THC or the THC that the C. Banana has. This should not be taken as well for people who are already inclined to panic or have a history of paranoia. 

How to Grow C. Banana?

The C. Banana cannabis strain is a sativa dominant strain and being a sativa, it can usually grow and develop into a tall plant. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor growing areas. However, it always provides a ton of vertical space needed for the plant because it can stretch a lot. You may opt for Sea of Green (SOG) technique to keep the cannabis plant in control and manageable when growing especially if you cannot help to have an inadequate area.