Banana Caked

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>500g per plant
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Strain Information

Banana Cake is a variety of indica and sativa hybrid strain created by Paisa Grow Seeds. The Monkey Banana strain was crossed to a male strain, Wedding Cake which came from Seed Junky. 

The strain is a hybrid between two strong and flavorful cannabis strains that inherited its genetic lineage quality of terpenes and potency. The Banana Caked is extraordinary in appearance with a high quality of resin production. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Banana Caked?

The strain, Banana Caked has terpenes that create scents and flavors by the combination of its genetic lineage of banana, vanilla and additional taste and scent of mixed fruits. It has a creamy and sweet aftertaste that lingers to your tongue. It gives you happy and relaxed feelings. These are accompanied by uplifted sensation with giggles on the side. Overall, the strain makes you feel euphoric and relaxed. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Banana Caked?

The Banana Caked is good for people with symptoms of depression and anxiety. It has the ability to make you happy and put away any traces of these conditions. Your unmanageable pain and fatigue will be instantly reduced and treated when you consumed this strain. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banana Caked?

The Banana Caked is the kind of strain that makes your mouth feel dry and your eyes may become red and itchy. These effects are probably due to the lack of water inside your body. The strain has the chance to make you dehydrated. 

How to Grow Banana Caked ?

Banana Cake is well suited either indoors or outdoors cultivation. It adjusts adequately to trimming thus, application of various growing techniques like Screen of Green (SCROG),  Sea of Green (SOG) or traditional cultivation is recommended. The strain has a fast flowering period and generates a favorable amount of resin with incredible scent and taste. The plants may not need many nutrients to generate a quality plant. The only thing you have to do to assure successful cultivation is to have the best root wash.