Banana Joe

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Strain Information

Banana Joe is created among Tangie and Strawberry Banana. The Banana Joe is selected after the Banana OG in the Strawberry Banana which brings the intense smell of banana. The unique talent is the Tangie’s gentle brush which penetrates and hides while smoking this. Because of its powerful maternal genes, this strain is very solid and it gives you a real punch from Bud Spencer.

 What are the Flavor and Effects of Banana Joe?

This strain will highly present the banana flavor which you will expect at all by its name. Banana Joe weed strain has a wavy sensation that fills you with joy and probably imagination, while the tingling of your skin leaves you feeling relaxed and physically aroused.

What are the Medical Benefits of Banana Joe?

This strain will bring comfort by the rampaging negative thoughts you have. This strain is an excellent choice to counter discomfort and pain. When it comes to easing muscle tension, it is particularly useful. Banana Joe can also help boost the appetite on another level, and it can also make an excellent choice for nausea sufferers. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banana Joe

You will be under the phase of dehydration by taking this strain, specifically, in the mouth or in the eyes. It is also possible to experience anxiety, dizziness, and headache when indulging in this strain.

How to Grow Banana Joe?

Information in growing scarce but the very basic you can do is to cultivate this either indoors or outdoors. Also, usage of the best fertilizers must be done together with the easy to adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity. Additionally, watering this should be in a precise manner to not kill the strain