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Strain Information

Coastal Sun that is certified for highest standards by Envirocanns bred this savory hybrid strain. It is composed of Boost and Tangelo. The breeder uses biopic cultivation, which conserves nutrients and water. It has also managed to dismiss the use of pesticides. These growing techniques won’t make you overthink about the characteristics of this strain with high potency.

The stimulating properties of this weed enhance a person’s mood. If you want to improve your outlook in life, it will help you. It can be enjoyed in various settings like being in a music festival or just simply enjoying the end of a long day with friends.

The sedative capacity of this strain is moderate, so it won’t leave you completely stoned. It would only put light pressure on your limbs and eyelids. Users remain functional while they enjoy the high.

The large bud’s formation is solid and cone-shaped. It has a dense core with leaves that twist inwards. The leaves are in vivid lime green color with curly orange pistils. White trichomes are covering, which makes it difficult to grind.

It can be grown by cloning. It has a bushy structure accompanied by strong lateral branches.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Banjo?

After properly cured, it carries a unique and sharp aroma with notes of diesel. Some think that it’s like stinky cheese. The grinding process makes it release a bitter and skunky odor. It creates sour smoke with a mild fruity taste.

This strain stimulates the inclination to be creative and focused. Consumers can relax while indulging in the uplifting and euphoric effect. The effect may differ from person to person. Users who have high tolerance will have a blast from the experiences with this weed.

The later stage of its effects happens when the user’s energy starts to drop. It’s then the moment that you would relish its relaxation effect.

What are the medical benefits of Banjo?

It works as a medication for easing the pain that can be temporary, serious, or caused by a disease. It can combat mild to moderate depression and stress. It also has anti-inflammatory properties so it can combat soreness, headaches, and cramps.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Banjo

Smoking weed will leave dryness to your eyes and mouth, so there’s no difference with this strain. It may also turn your eyes red. Cases of hyperactive thinking and paranoia will be experienced by those who have a low tolerance or those who are prone to panic.

How to Grow Banjo

Seeds are not available online. If you want to grow this breed, you need to have clippings from a mature plant. When it’s planted indoors, you might want to get an exhaust fan to eliminate its strong odor. It’s the technique if you want to be discreet about your plantation.