Big Earn

Big Earn

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Strain Information

Big Earn cannabis strain earns its characteristics by crossing the male Chem Breath together with a female Venkman OG # 2. The creator of this great strain is the Lost River Seeds. Big Earn will definitely earn your trust as this strain will give you the best effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Big Earn?

The lemon undertone would be highly anticipated upon you take this strain. Your happiness and laughter would boost right the moment you take this. But, after that effect, the feeling of laziness would settle on your limb. The idea of relaxation would barge in and you will fall in a deep couch-locked moment.

What are the Medical Benefits of Big Earn?

Inflammation and cramps that’s been bothering you most of the time would come to an end as you will take this strain. Stress and depression would be replaced by a genuine laugh and happy feelings. The headache would be not anymore present, and so anxiousness also.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Big Earn

Adverse effects like dizziness, headache, and anxiousness would be easily present once you go beyond your tolerance level of this. The most common negative effect you can get on taking this is the drying of your mouth and eyes.

How to Grow Big Earn? 

In a Mediterranean-like climate, this strain should be cultivated. Away from the frosty or low-level temperature, this should be as it may hinder the strain’s growth. You must also provide enough space as it brings large branches. The right amount of water should be best to not rot the strain. And you can