Big Holy Nina

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
10% - 15%
12 - 16 ounces per square meter(indoor); 16 ounces or more per plant (outdoor)
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Strain Information

Colorado Seed Inc has created a strain suitable for social occasions. It bred a cross between Nina Limone and S.A.G.E. This is a savory strain that can be used throughout the day. It goes well with users from any levels.

The appearance can be described as an orb in a mint green shade. It has long hair and tiny trichome. Users would love to have this as it is on the savory side.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Big Holy Nina?

It carries the aroma and taste of earthy pine with the amount of wood and citrus. This blend instills energy that you need to conquer the day. It can brighten one’s mind too. When you feel like you don’t want to feed yourself, this strain will help you retrieve your appetite.

What are the Medical Benefits of Big Holy Nina?

It can be a medicine that alleviates depression, fear, and anxiety. Appetite problems can also be given a solution as it would make you want to grab some munchies. Individuals who are nauseous are aided by this strain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Big Holy Nina

Users will experience having dry mouth after using it, so hydration is necessary.

How to Grow Big Holy Nina?

Since this is a stout plant, Sea of Green method is recommended in cultivation. The short-type strain is easily grown indoors as growers can maximize space. Four plants can be planted at the same time in a single square meter. To double the production, a screen can be put on top of it.

When you prefer to plant it outdoors, you have to make sure it gets enough sunlight. It’s also necessary to build protection from destructive elements.