Bisho Purple

Bisho Purple

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20 % 
12 ounces/square meters 
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Strain Information

This strain was first created by a popular reproducer from Northern California, THClones, by cross-breeding Kush with Lemon Tree. It has a blossom that is little estimated with conic structure. The leaves of this strain are snaked with mixes of overgrown green, purple, and blue tones. 

It has wavy earthy pistils with whitish trichomes. It is an indica strain with high Terpene Profile with smells of Meyer lemon, cacao, nectar, and pine. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Bisho Purple strain? 

You will encounter a sedative impact after your last breathe out of this strain. Nonetheless, this strain keeps an equalization of its calming impact. It will help improve your imaginative soul while making you progressively profitable. This strain will likewise offer you vivacious and inspiring effects to keep you fit for the day’s remaining task at hand. It has sweet, nutty, blueberry, diesel, and skunk flavors. 

What are the Health Benefits of Bisho Purple strain? 

Patients experiencing depression, exhaustion, uneasiness, interminable illness, and stress will welcome the estimation of this strain. It is likewise extremely powerful in the treatment of a sleeping disorder, consideration issue, aches, and anxiety. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bisho Purple strain 

An increased amount of this strain will arrive you into an anxious, restless, inefficient, and vain day. It can cause the following headaches, discombobulation, creating neurosis, dry mouth, and dry-irritated eyes. 

How to Grow Bisho Purple strain? 

This strain produces abundant yields whenever developed indoors. Weekly trimming bloom/leaves cause the strain to yield more. Good lighting is principal for the great yield of this strain. If grown during the dry season, watering may be applied daily. Flowering starts from 7 to 9 weeks.