Black Betty

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8 ounces per square meter
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Strain Information

Black Betty is a hybrid strain that is known for its potency. With impressive THC levels of up to 26%, it is for newbies. The strain is characterized by having large buds that are often easy to a manicure if the need arises. The buds give off a rich aroma of cherries and earthy scent that consumers love.

Its strengths are attributed to the parents. Talking about parents, Sour Diesel and AK-47 strains were used in creating this amazing strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Betty?

If you are used to sweet strains, then this will be different. This is because it comes with a sour diesel flavor combined with pungent muskiness. The flavor will linger in your mouth long after you are done smoking. To compensate for its flavor, you will feel creative and happy when it comes to its effects. Some claim that they also feel aroused after using it.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Betty?

The THC levels of this strain make it good for stress and pain management. You will always feel relaxed and sedated once the high finally kicks in. It is still good for handling depression, inflammation, and headaches.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Black Betty

Most consumers have claimed to feel anxious after using Black Betty. The degree of this effect depends on how much you use. You can also expect to experience dry mouth and dry eyes.

How to Grow Black Betty?

When it comes to growing it, the strain should do well in warm climates. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. The yield is relatively the same, whether you grow it indoors or outdoors.