Black Domina x Rosetta Stone

Black Domina x Sour Bubble

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
From 15% to 19% average
10 to 12 oz / m2 indoor and 12 oz/ plant outdoor
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Strain Information

This has been known for the insane ecstatic cannabis strain because of its effects. One of the best by far since it has the best quality. This was created with intricate mother strains yet specifically developed at its finest. Both recreational and medical purposes are successfully met since this is good for uplifting and healing particular pains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Black Domina x Sour Bubble?

This strain is surprisingly tasted better than it smells. In just one pop, a certain flavor of sour bubble and it includes a natural note after a few minutes of combustion. Starting with a delightful euphoria it directly hits from the head down to the body that would soothe and calm you.

What are the Medical Benefits of Black Domina x Sour Bubble?

Although this was noted with not high effects, however, it is still considered above average speaking of its potency. Medical benefits include healing chronic pains, insomnia, and also cramps. Because of its uplifting effects, this also helps to ease stress and depression.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Black Domina x Sour Bubble

Even with moderation, you will still experience dry mouth and dry eyes. However, if it is taken more than normal consumption, you will definitely feel a headache and dizziness. 

How to Grow Black Domina x Sour Bubble? Some information and Tips

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, most growers suggested to grow it indoors as it will prevent molds and pests caused by a humid climate.