Black M.A.F.

Black M.A.F.

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
Indoor -400 to 600grams per square meter; outdoor - 300 to 500 grams 
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Strain Information

Cannabis plants love light so much that they highly needed it yet, not all growers were lucky enough to live in places with rich light sources. Growers Choice made a way for cannabis enthusiasts living in places with shorter summertime. Introducing Black MAF, the strain that surprises many growers with a short flowering period. This strain is a result of the Black Domina and early flowering MAF strain. As these strains are both known for their short flowering nature, no doubt this marijuana saves you in such summer pitfalls. 

Not black as its name, Black MAF has a light green color with rich aromas, suitable to use at any time of the day. 

What are the Flavors and Effects of Black M.A.F.?

The taste and flavors of Black Widow strain are present in Black MAF with sweet punches that hit your tongue during consumption. Its THC content gives you the typical Indica dominant relaxation with the bits of euphoria effect at the same time. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Black M.A.F.?

This cannabis strain offers a long list of medicinal value. It is good for people suffering from headaches, chronic pain, migraine, and muscle spasm. More than that, people with emotional struggles like depression, fatigue, and bipolar disorder were salon advised to use Black MAF as part of their medication. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Black M.A.F.?

 Aside from the common adverse effects of marijuana, this Strain might give you a coughing experience with its sugary flavors, especially for novice weed smokers. 

How to Grow Black M.A.F.? Some information and Tips

This marijuana might not be so easy to grow, yet anyone is always welcome to give it a try. As Growers Choice makes a new standard of growing quality buds with this weed, she is a good choice for growers who wanted to improve their growing techniques and experience. Just a suitable growing environment and the basics of growing weeds plus extra patience, every grower will surely harvest a high yield with Black MAF.