Blue Dream BX

Blue Dream BX

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% to 23%
1.63 oz per square foot
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Strain Information

Ganja Rebel Seeds has ventured with their first attempt of backcrossing. That is where the BX at the end of the name of this strain came from. 

They used their first filial strains in crossing the strain back to produce regular male seeds. This male has huge buds, vivid white pistils, and tall colas.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Dream BX?

This cannabis strain has scents that are similar to pines and has blueberry and lemon undertones. Its high is slightly cerebral, followed by relaxing high without the sedating side effects.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Dream BX?

The high CBD content of this species has soothing medicinal effects that are ideal for fatigue and stress. It is also an excellent alternative for anti-depressant medication that can be used in treating anxiety, mood disorders, and bipolar disorder. It is also suitable for treating appetite problems.

Negative Effects you can expect from Blue Dream BX?

Adverse reactions of this strain are temporary but inevitable. Its effects include cottonmouth, dry eyes, headaches. Dizziness may also be experienced when the dose is not regulated.

How to Grow Blue Dream BX?

This plant suits most of the growers from novice to experienced. It has low stature that may require trimming and pruning to train its branches for optimal light absorption. It is ideal in cultivating in hydroponics and greenhouses. This plant can thrive indoors and also flourish outdoors. This hybrid is also resilient to molds, pests, and fungal infections. It follows the photoperiod phase after 9 to 10 weeks.