Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
20% to 24%
12 to 17 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and 17 ounces or more per plant when grown outdoors
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Strain Information

The Cataract Kush strain was developed by crossing the OG Kush and the LA Confidential, both popular and well-respected strains. The master breeders at DNA Genetics take the credit for this pure indica plant, which boasts of THC levels at 20% to 24%.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cataract Kush?

The Cataract Kush strain’s strong skunky and diesel smell is reflective of its Kush lineage. Its pungent smell is accompanied by hints of floral and spicy undertones. Similarly, the strain’s flavor profile offers a combination of skunky diesel with hints of spices, citrus, and sweet herbs.

This pure indica strain is really heavy on the body. You will feel a sense of deep relaxation that can effectively induce sleep. In higher doses, the strain can cause lethargy and cough lock.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Cataract Kush?

The Indica content and strong potency of this strain effectively relieve pain caused by various conditions. This includes mild headaches, body pains, muscle spasms, and even chronic pain. The Cataract Kush is also known to lower stress levels at the same time.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cataract Kush?

When consumed in a higher dosage, the Cataract Kush can cause blurring of vision. Aside from that, and because the mental effects from this strain are weak, adverse effects are rare.

How to Grow Cataract Kush?

This strain is easy to grow even for novice growers. It thrives well in both indoors and outdoor environments. Indoors, it can be grown in a soil medium or in a hydro. Outdoors, this plant requires cooler temperatures compared to other strains.