Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14% - 18%
20 oz per plant (outdoor); 16 to 20 oz per square meter (outdoor)
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Strain Information

Big Buddha Seeds made this breed to give the cheesy and intoxicating strain to smokers. It’s a combination of Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel. Both of these parents have received awards due to its potency. To not dismay the public, Chiesel is the weed that can take you to another universe. It has rich and flavorful, and it gives a well-balanced high.

The buds’ form is like a cloud, and they are large and dense. They are covered with dark amber hair and thick, white trichomes. This strain was disclosed in public last 2008 for consumption and cultivation.

Chiesel Strain Specifications

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chiesel?

It has a rich and pungent aroma of sour diesel and stinky cheese. The tinge of citrus becomes more obvious when being smoked. This is an interesting mix of flavors for the fans of its parents. The cerebral high is dominant yet functional. Users stay happy and sociable due to its euphoric effect.

There will be sudden giggles too. The body buzz doesn’t only give relaxation but numbness as well. It can then turn into a couch-lock effect. This strain can be used for new smokers to begin their journey with Cannabis.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chiesel?

Patients with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and stress know this strain well. The effects of this strain alleviate their distress. Individuals who are under fatigue are covered by their abilities too. The fatigue may be caused by sleepless nights. It can correct sleeping patterns to provide the rest that the body needs.

It puts patients at ease with their sedative properties. So it can treat headaches, pain, or swelling. It can also relieve cramps.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chiesel

Dry mouth can’t be avoided when smoking weed. But it can be resolved by hydration. Paranoia and anxiety are adverse effects acquainted with this strain. Less experienced consumers should be cautious if they are prone to those conditions. The dryness of the eyes can be brought by a high dosage.

How to Grow Chiesel?

The ideal way of growing this plant is indoors. Traditional soil growing or hydroponics method can be applied to make it grow healthily. It also loves the generous feeding of nutrients. It can also thrive outdoors, but it prefers to be given an adequate amount of sunlight and warmth. It demands well-maintained conditions wherever it may be planted.

Growing this strain requires some experience in this field. However, this plant can reach a height of six feet, and it can give you an abundant harvest. This fact can motivate growers. Due to its pungent smell, you may need to install an advanced system to hide its scent. It can be easily detected by prying noses.