Chuck OG

Chuck OG

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Strain Information

This is a hybrid strain from the combination of an heirloom strain called Afghani and Tahoe OG. The Sage Grower claims it as one of their creations. This pretty rare strain is also known as Mutant Chuck. It’s perfect for evening usage. It’s a powerful hybrid with diesel scent from its OG parentage.

It is a balanced hybrid that produces crystal-like and dense buds. They have a dull green color that plays contrast to the bright orange hair. It has a bulk coverage of trichomes on them.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chuck OG?

The flavors of diesel and pine are in this strain. This characteristic is from its OG heritage. Sour smell and taste will invade the smokers’ senses. Planning a wonderful night may include this weed as the effects can be the supporting factors.

It will take you to euphoria with giggles and grins of happiness. When the energy it supplied dies down, the user will be in a relaxed state, and hunger will also be felt.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chuck OG?

It can be a pill that would comfort people who are suffering from stress, migraine, or discomfort after a day of a hectic schedule. Smoking a little of this will do the job. It can also treat insomnia, and it all depends on your tolerance. It is capable of delivering the person to a restorative and rejuvenating state after sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chuck OG

Smokers should dehydrate themselves to avoid dryness of mouth and eyes. It will naturally happen after smoking weed.

How to Grow Chuck OG?

There is no shared information about the growing process of this strain. You may take it as a challenge to grow it. Beginners may seek advice from those who have more experience.