Chucky’s Bride

Chucky’s Bride

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14 oz per plant (outdoor); 11 oz per square meter (indoor)
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Strain Information

This hybrid strain has balanced traits from Sativa and Indica. Eskobar Seeds bred this strain by combining Exodus Cheese and Cinderella 99. The outcome is a fragrant, flowery, and pungent weed. Aside from its healing abilities in the medical arena, it can make consumers feel good from head to toe. Smoking this will activate your outgoing side.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Chucky’s Bride?

This strain has a unique flavor as you can taste pineapple’s sweetness with undertones of cheese and skunk. It maximizes the user’s energy so it can be used during the day or night. Hikers and campers are infatuated with this weed. It can make them stay active. It’s a way of meeting old friends or even new people to practice your skills.

It also makes the user happy and giggly. It’s all about a positive vibe in a euphoric mood.

What are the Medical Benefits of Chucky’s Bride?

ADHD, ADD, and bipolar disorder are manageable by the effects of this strain. It can minimize the troubles of having pain, depression, migraines, and headaches. It’s also a good stabilizer of sleep that is needed to fight insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Chucky’s Bride

The usual side effects of smoking weed are dry mouth or cottonmouth feel and dry eyes.

How to Grow Chucky’s Bride?

This strain can thrive indoors and outdoors too. It has high resistance from molds and mildews so it can grow well outside in a warm temperature. It must receive an equal distribution of light.