Cindy Haze

Cindy Haze

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19% - 23%
3 - 6 oz per square feet
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Strain Information

This hybrid carries a tasty terpene profile, and it is potent. It’s thankful for the genes of its celebrity parents, which are Cinderella 99 and Super Silver Haze. Brothers Grimm Seeds is the one responsible for creating this strain out of its complex breeding project. This can help people to safeguard themselves from the daily stress that they encounter.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cindy Haze?

Smokers will enjoy a range of flavors from fruity, sweet to funky, and acrid. This strain has a super sweet fruit flavor with an earthy exhale. The pungent aroma is with spicy herbs and dank fruits.

It gives consumers high that uplift the spirit. This effect helps them to brush off the stress that can’t be avoided in life. It brings euphoria and clarity in mind. It results in the efficiency of the user in completing tasks. It also helps the improvement of social skills as it makes the consumers more talkative.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cindy Haze?

The THC content of this strain makes it a treatment for patients who have mood swings, nausea, depression, ADD, ADHD, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cindy Haze

Smoking cannabis always brings dryness to the mouth and eyes. Drinking plenty of water would appease these adverse effects. Smokers, especially beginners, should be responsible for using this strain in moderation.

How to Grow Cindy Haze?

This strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors. If it’s planted indoors, it produces small and hard nugs. It can stretch out up to three or four times when it’s grown outdoors. It’s a keeper for growers.