Citrus Sap

Citrus Sap

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
18 to 24%
18 ounces per plant
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Strain Information

If you are tired of the same old high, maybe it is time to try out the Citrus Sap cannabis strain. You might think it is a beverage when someone speaks it out loud, but it is rather one of the most refreshing strains you can use today. To achieve this amazing strain, it was a collaboration between DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms. These are the most notable marijuana breeders in the industry.

By breeding Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie strains, the result was Citrus Sap with amazing effects, aroma, and flavor. The strain is known for other qualities such as an intense body buzz and the best relaxation you will ever get from a marijuana strain.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Citrus Sap?

Citrus Sap gives off a citrus flavor as the dominant, among others. You will feel as if it tastes like ripe mandarin oranges. As much as it can be sweet, you will feel tangy undertones as part of the flavor. There is an interesting flavor, which is the taste of wood as you exhale the smoke from your mouth.

Citrus Sap can be good in the morning in the place of coffee. As compared to other strains, which you use in the evening or night, this one works great for any time. This is because it will boost your energy and boost mental clarity that you want in the morning. Such effects are synonymous with the sativa-leaning strains.
Within the first few puffs, you will also experience a euphoric rush and instant uplifting of your moods. You will still feel relaxed whenever you use Citrus Sap. It is not deep relaxation, but enough to calm you down if that is what you need.

What are the Medical Benefits of Citrus Sap?

Cases of chronic stress are common among many people in the world. Sometimes using Citrus Sap is the right way to deal with your stress. If you have a never-ending workload, the stress can be managed by using Citrus Sap once in a while.

Since the strain is good for uplifting your moods, it can be good for those suffering from anxiety and PTSD. Still, the strain has soothing euphoria, which is good for handling depression cases.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Citrus Sap

Having a cottonmouth is something to expect as a negative effect. In addition, it is possible to experience redness in your eyes, too, as the strain makes them get dry. It is something unavoidable, but it can be alleviated by hydrating more often while using the strain.

How to Grow Citrus Sap?

The Citrus Sap strain plant can grow up to 6 feet tall. As a result, it is recommended that you grow the strain in a large room or outdoors. As much as it grows tall, it will remain sturdy to withstand the elements.