Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
12% - 19%
17 oz per square meter (indoor); 19 oz per plant (outdoor)
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Strain Information

This strain will really make smokers happy as it has a refreshing flowery aroma and citrusy flavor. In an attempt to stabilize NYC Diesel, Dampkring Classics, and Kiwiseeds worked together, and they added Milky Way with it. The result is this lush hybrid and Indica dominant weed. It does a good job in medical treatments. It’s best enjoyed during the day.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cloud 9?

The collection of flavors makes the experience of smoking this weed more enjoyable. It has a taste of fresh rose and sweet florals. There’s an intense lavender flavor on the inhale while there’s a sweet and sour taste from pine and citrus on the exhale.

It soothes the consumer’s mind after a busy day. Introverts can get the hang of dispelling bad mood with this strain. It has a relaxing effect while it heightens one’s energy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cloud 9?

People who are bothered by chronic pain receive a prescription of this strain. It has an immediate response to appease any pain or ache. It can also defeat the symptoms of stress and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cloud 9

It will let users experience dehydration with dry mouth and itchy eyes. Some have felt dizziness and mild headaches. An experience of being paranoid is reported too.

How to Grow Cloud 9?

This is one of the veteran growers’ favorites because it gives a bountiful harvest. Another attractive thing about this strain is that connoisseurs can detect it just by its smell. It can flourish in indoor and outdoor cultivation. Growers should provide enough water and nutrients for the healthy growth of this plant.