Colin OG S1

Colin OG S1

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18% to 25%
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Strain Information

Spongy flowers in dark colors, which let the trichomes noticeable enough are breed from the genetics of Grateful Dawg and The White (Sour Diesel x Flo) by Ethos. Colin OG S1 posses great genetics, which will make you forget things you needed to accomplish.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Colin OG S1?

Colin OG S1 will let you unravel the fantastic emergence of citrus, floral, with a diesel tone. Consumption of this strain will enhance the creativity you’ve got, and make you feel happy as it alleviates euphoria. As your mind is in a high state, this will wants you to sit down on a chair just enjoying the silence and no thinking in complex thoughts. In the sense of taking this strain, it will make your mind and feelings in a calm state. Taking this strain will help you forget how chaotic your thoughts and your sentiments in a time.

What are the Medical Benefits of Colin OG S1?

People who want to control and overcome depression should take this strain as it is a form of remedy for that. This strain will alter your mood swings into a beautiful one and helps you lessen it and in the long come, totally overcomes it. Also, it will ease chronic pains like muscle spasms or cramps.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Colin OG S1

The extremely common suffering you will experience upon consuming this strain is the drying of your mouth and eyes, even if you’re a first-timer or an expert at all.

How to Grow Colin OG S1?

Colin OG S1 can adapt if to be grown indoors or outdoors. The Sea of Green method is to be used in indoor growing, and expose this strain to a Mediterranean-like climate if grown outdoor. Growers may use fertilizer; hence, observation on the proper amount of water should also be observed.