Connie Chung

Connie Chung

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
14 to 24%
Medium to high
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Strain Information

If you enjoy a nice body buzz from a strain, then Connie Chung is still a nice option to consider. The strain is good overall in terms of additional medical benefits that you would experience while using it. Connie Chung hails from the DNA Genetics breeder. The breeder crossed LA Confidential and G13 Haze to come up with this great strain.

The strain is characterized by having smaller buds that are tightly packed. This is something common for indica learning strains. The buds can get sticky, so rolling them into a joint can be hard for newbies. Nevertheless, the strain is good overall for its potency.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Connie Chung?

The strain is good in terms of the flavors you will experience. It is possible for you to experience herbal, pine, sweet, tea, and woody flavors all rolled up into one strain. There is no doubt it is going to be one of the best options for you to consider.

Its indica-leaning genes make the users experience euphoria, focus, happy thoughts, feel relaxed, and sleepy.

What are the Medical Benefits of Connie Chung?

Connie Chung is a great strain even for medical benefits. It is good for treating conditions such as stress, PTSD, loss of appetite, chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and Bipolar Disorder.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Connie Chung

Though not very common, the strain can leave you with a cottonmouth and red eyes. You will get used to these effects with time.

How to Grow Connie Chung

The strain needs moderate skills to grow it. With the right nutrients and other conditions provided, it is possible to get medium to high yield with the strain.