Cookie Breath

Cookie Breath

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Strain Information

Cookie Breath is a great choice for those who need a strain with multiple medical benefits. Considering most strains are chosen for their recreational effects, this one is good for multiple medicinal effects. The strain boasts of having a high potency making it one of the best options for those who need an intense full-body high. Well, expect to experience a buzzing high from the time you consume Cookie Breath.
The Cookie Breath is simply a powerhouse because of strains combined to achieve it. The breeder crossed OG Kush Breath 2.0, Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain. Since it is a three-way breeding, it is expected that the strain gives you some of the best experience ever when it comes to its effects.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Breath?

From its name, it is expected that Cookie Breath will have some interesting flavors. The dominant flavor you will experience is the grape flavor. You will taste it as soon as you take the first puff of the joint. Still, you can expect a nutty and spicy flavor as you continue to use the strain. As for the aroma, the strain also exhibits an earthy and spicy aroma that fills up the room quickly.

This strain is good overall for the effects you can get. The strain is good for boosting your relaxation thanks to its high potency. It will help you relax better after a tough day at work.

The strain can also get you feeling sleepy because of the high hits you hard. Some claim that they are left couch-locked because of such an effect. You are also likely to get hungry as one of the effect. Keep some food around when you start using the strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cookie Breath?

The strain is good for those who might have lost their appetite. This is because one of its effects is that you will feel hungry. Well, edibles will be great whenever you use Cookie Breath.

Other than that, the strain is still good for other conditions such as depression and stress. This is thanks to the cerebral high that uplifts your moods. Users tend to get giggly and laugh a lot. As you can see, it is going to be great to help forget about your troubles.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Cookie Breath

The strain can leave a bit paranoid, especially if you are new to using it. This is because of the strong high that hits you hard. Nevertheless, this effect goes away in no time.

How to Grow Cookie Breath?

You might need a bit of experience to grow Cookie Breath. The strain will do well in a warm climate. You will still have to provide all the necessary nutrients if you hope to end up with a better yield.