Cookie Puss

Cookie Puss

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Medium to high
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Strain Information

Cookie Puss has its roots in the US. The strain was bred by Jinxproof Genetics. Coming from such a well-known breeder, we can always expect that it will meet your expectations of a quality strain. The breeder achieved it by crossing Cat Piss and Girl Scout Cookies strains. Since Girl Scout Cookies has been used for crossing many other strains, we can conclude it is one of the top strains in the market too.
As much as the strain might have some odd naming, the strain on overall is good when it comes to its effects. Users find it is powerful and flavorful, making it a favorite among newbies and experienced users alike. It is the reason that sometimes you will find it is a must-have strain in any cannabis dispensary.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cookie Puss?

The strain continues with its great features even when you come to the flavor part. You will be able to experience a blend of citrus, diesel, pine, lime, sour, and sweet flavors. Well, you can see all those flavors in one strain definitely makes it one of the best to get right now. The citrus and herbal aroma combined with the flavors makes it good for smoking even indoors without feeling the smell is uncomfortable.

The strain will give you a long-lasting buzz that is still enjoyable. One of the effects includes feeling calm. This makes it great for people who are often jumpy. The strain will also give you a euphoric feeling. There is no doubt you will end up being giggly and happy when using the strain.

Also, the strain is uplifting, making it great on overall for those who might be feeling a bit low because of stress and depression. Some even claim the strain makes them feel aroused.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cookie Puss?

Since the strain works great to calm you down and still remains uplifting, it can be great for those with mood swings. If you are always experiencing mood swings, you will start relating even better to other people whenever you use Cookie Puss.

The strain is still good for those who experience fatigue. It will boost your energy and then help you relax. It is then great for evening use when you just need to relax and get rid of the fatigue of the day.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Cookie Puss

The strain does not have many negative effects, but it is possible to experience a cottonmouth and dry eyes. Having dry eyes can make them itchy and make them red.

How to Grow Cookie Puss?

On the overall, growing Cookie Puss is easy. Those who have grown it before agree that it does not even need a lot of work to get it growing well. The yield is also good, even if you grow it in a small area. The seeds are also easily available for you to grow as much as you want.