Critters Cookies

Critters Cookies

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
24% to 29%
12 to 16 oz. / ft2
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Strain Information

As a seasoned strain for those who wanted to seek the thrill, Critters Cookies has active psychoactive compounds that have more than what you expect amount. As a Sativa strain, it is grown in tropical regions of the globe. Its production, breeding, and cultivation are scattered all around the glove, which makes it shine against its competitors, especially the pineapple strains as well as its cousins.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Critters Cookies?

As it effectively crushes your stressful experiences, the tropical citrus flavor and lemon fuel aroma of the Critters Cookies makes it very effective. It boosts your self-confidence and esteem before work. Thus, it is best advised to take the strain during the morning to gain its best effects. It lasts six to seven hours after consuming the strain.

What are the Medical Benefits of Critters Cookies?

As a well-adjusted Sativa strain, Critters Cookies has a CBD content that makes it a trustworthy medically-vital strain. It not only helps remove toxins from your body, but it helps to eliminate them too. The fiber and sulfur in the strain can help detoxify your body, which has many benefits like fighting against tumor growth.         

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Critters Cookies

Dryness of the eyes and tingling of the ears are some of the complaints of those who puff the strain.

How to Grow Critters Cookies? 

The strain can be grown pots indoors, plant two seeds in each, and once they sprout, thin them to one seedling per pot. In the ground, the strain is usually planted in “hills,” or slightly raised mounds of soil. Just be aware that they need sunlight to sprout, so choose a sunny window and keep the soil moist.