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20% to 23%
16 to 18 oz. / ft2
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Strain Information

Considered as one of the most famous interest for conspiracy in marijuana production, Cronuts has been first used by military personnel. It is one of the few marijuana strains that are surrounded by many controversies.

Especially, the fact that it was handed over by someone from the sky to its first breeders. Despite many other issues surrounding this marijuana strain, it has been one of the successful breeds in the industry of cannabis production.        

What are the Flavor and Effects of Cronuts?

Get your errands done and brush your teeth because you will have to lie down immediately and go to sleep after taking Cronuts. The fruity sour flavor and earthy diesel aroma can give you seven to nine hours of a deep sleep, which makes you very relaxed once you wake up.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cronuts?     

Medical experts advise its users to take Cronuts during the morning. This is due to the fact that it catalyzes the bile to stay in your liver and gallbladder to maintain pressure. Thus, during the evening before you take your sleep, the release of bile eliminates more stones. The strain essentially helps in breakdown formations such as kidney stones and gallbladder stones. It can be taken a few months in advance of the day you perform a liver cleanse.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cronuts

The weed can make the eyes of the user dry. Your voice will also be hoarse, so make sure to drink liquid afterward.

How to Grow Cronuts? 

Advanced experience is needed in growing the strains since you are required to strictly follow the quarter 12/12 cycle on a daily basis. You are required to plant it in an area that is well-drained and absorbs water easily.