Dark Shadow Haze

Dark Shadow Haze

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700 grams per square meter
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Strain Information

Dark Shadow Haze

Made by Rare Dankness, Dark Shadow Haze is a strain that joins the fruity, narcotic qualities of Grape Ape with Nevil’s Wreck. This strain’s provocative cerebral high and calming physical sensations bond the user in place, thus making a deep pensive mental state. Dark Shadow Haze also offers delectable flavors and smells of sweet grapes and berries with an earthy undertone.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Dark Shadow Haze?

The flavors of Dark Shadow Haze are grapes, earthy, skunk, and berries. The impacts you experience are pretty non-functional. A meditative haze anticipates you after a couple of tokes, and you’ll see that you focus on one thought for hours. While you’ll feel totally euphoric and quiet, you may also wind up gazing at the wall and slobbering. In time, physical effects come to play and leave you feeling unbelievably relaxed and at times, stimulated. Dark Shadow Haze cannabis strain gives a euphoric and relaxing high. The cerebral high can take the user to profound thoughts. This impact comes with a calming state. It very well may be depicted as pondering.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dark Shadow Haze?

The individuals who have an intense time dozing off will probably go to this strain above most others as enough of it will put you down for in any event a decent eight hours. People who can’t escape the cycle of overthinking will agree that Dark Shadow Haze dispenses with all cases of depression, nervousness, and stress, leaving a clear state of mind in place. In spite of the fact that THC levels aren’t unbelievably high here, the strain is also a keen decision for physical pain. This strain also relieves users who are experiencing ADD, depression, anxiety, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, nausea, and is considered as a pain reliever.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dark Shadow Haze

The usual side effects that users experience in other strains are still present in this strain such as dryness of mouth and eyes. Headaches and dizziness can also be experienced in consuming Dark Shadow Haze.

How to Grow Dark Shadow Haze?

Dark Shadow Haze is a genuinely easygoing strain that flourishes inside or outside. Remember that plants can get tall, so if watchfulness is significant, provide enough inside space to cater to these wonderful strains. In the following 10 weeks of development, you’ll be prepared to reap a pleasantly estimated yield.