Dawg’s Waltz

Dawg’s Waltz

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
16% - 19%
255 - 369 grams per square meter 
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Strain Information

Dawg’s Waltz mixes the purple tints and varieties of Purple Urkle with the skunky fragrance and incredible impacts of Tres Dawg to make an amazingly sharp hybrid. The thick buds have enormous calyxes and smell of spiced grape and skunky diesel. This hybrid is a most loved among the individuals who battle with chronic pain and a sleeping disorder or appreciate the unwinding, couch-locked impacts that are a regular effect of most Indica-dominant mixes.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Dawg’s Waltz?

The flavors of Dawg’s Waltz are pine, lemon, earthy, sweet, chemical, herbal, and skunky. Dawg’s Waltz is a great deal of amusement to appreciate it particularly during a long and tiring day. This hybrid strain can make you feel exceptionally relaxed and will make you have a sensation that you’re stuck on the couch when you smoke it in high dosages. It can make you feel incredibly drowsy, so on the off chance that you intend to be active in a specific way, going hard and fast with this one probably won’t be the correct thought. This strain is extremely amusing to use with companions, as it will make you cheery and relaxed at the same time. The strain will make you feel happy, and you will end up chuckling at everything around you. This flower is known for its high that is joy-inducing without fail.

What are the Medical Bbenefits of Dawg’s Waltz?

Dawg’s Waltz is said to be a perfect strain for treating patients experiencing conditions, for example, chronic fatigue, gentle cases of depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. Users of the Dawg’s Waltz strain have reported feeling relaxed, pain reduced, aroused and decrease in lack of appetite.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dawg’s Waltz

This flower may have some negative responses, particularly for those individuals who are not used to a heavy Indica, for example, this one. It can make your eyes and your mouth feel dry and bothersome, which will lead you to feel parched also. The reactions of this specific bud may leave you in a slight condition of unsteadiness, which could conceivably keep going for a brief amount of time. Different users have witnessed that the strain frequently gives them a mellow headache, and on certain occasions, may even lead them to feel anxious too.

How to Grow Dawg’s Waltz?

Dawg’s Waltz can be developed by novice cultivators as it is not difficult to develop and is relatively complain-free. The strain develops into a short and stocky plant and can deliver a moderate yield on the off chance that the strain is kept cheerful.