Desert Diesel

Desert Diesel

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
400 - 600 grams per square meter 
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Strain Information

Originating from Humboldt Seed Organization, Desert Diesel crosses Sour Diesel with Emerald Mountain DAD (Diesel Afghan Diesel). Profound, rich flavors and smells of sweet organic product, sandalwood, and diesel emit from the rich buds with thick trichomes. Truly an innovative strain, Desert Diesel is for visionaries, makers, and travelers.

What are the Flavors and Effects of Desert Diesel?

The flavors of Desert Diesel are sweet, woody, diesel, sour, and fruity. Desert Diesel cannabis strain’s high is highly capable of powerful cerebral, giving an elating sense of lucidity. This strain is extraordinary for a social hang with companions or exercises. The high starts with a lifted express that fills your brain with a feeling of ground-breaking rapture and inspiration. As your mental state grows, you’ll feel a convergence of social energy that lends itself well to discussions. Desert Diesel can also enable the client to feel loose, lively, agreeable, upbeat and completely uplifted. The effects of this strain include a powerful cerebral, a sensation of being uplifted, and as users have claimed, a sensation of concentration and is very energizing.

What are the Medical Benefits of Desert Diesel?

Desert Diesel is said to be ideal for treating those experiencing cerebral pains or headaches, chronic fatigue, ADD or ADHD, and depression. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Desert Diesel

Among some of the most prevalent adverse impacts of Desert Diesel is the dry-mouth it gives you. The consumption of liquids is highly recommended to avert from the sense of dehydration, which can also cause the sensation of dry eyes. 

How to Grow Desert Diesel?

This is a plant for every single developing condition, and, whenever developed inside, it ought to be developed carefully. For a constrained period as it can extend a lot once development has been started. For outdoor cultivators, a warm, dry, mild, or Mediterranean atmosphere type is ideal. Its buds are thick and exceptionally resinous, and any individual who is a fanatic of Diesel will love Desert Diesel.