Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15% - 20%
450 – 600 grams per square meter
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Strain Information

This plant has been available for utilization among cultivators and smoke circles since the ’80s. A mystical hallucinogenic journey guided by Afghani and Skunk genetic qualities is the thing that the Devil is about. Devil happened after an Afghani strain was combined with an Afghani/Skunk hybrid. The rich, fruity tastes of this strain are somehow argumentative to the name it conveys. 

What are the Flavors and Effects of Devil?

The flavors of Devil are sweet, fruity, and skunk. At the point when you consume a pipe of the Devil cannabis strain, you go into a trippy world where limits change. Her dark red Afghani taste and buzz will bring your brain and body into a consonant combination. Simply let her take every necessary step and stay open to her capacities to take you where you have to go.

What are the Medical Benefits of Devil?

The Devil strain of cannabis is a powerful medication that can be successfully used to treat a wide assortment of health issues, including cachexia (wasting), anorexia, hypertension, malignant growth, a sleeping disorder, depression, and around a hundred others. In the event that you are a medicinal pot user that endures every day, at that point, the Devil can be of substantial help to you. 

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Devil

This strain will cause the users to have common side effects in smoking pot. Mouth and eyes are both dry but will fade soon enough. Users who undergo through this irritating effect can be relieved by rehydrating themselves after consuming this strain.

How to Grow Devil?

Even if novice cultivators of Devil strain gets a hold of the seeds, breeders claim that it might take slightly longer to perfect the quality of the Devil. Although it might be somewhat challenging to develop, harvesting time would be a reward to the cultivator because it produces a generous amount of yield.