Dirt Nap

Dirt Nap

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Strain Information

Created from crossing the genetics of Ghost OG and Do-Si-Dos from Archive Seed Bank is the indica-dominant hybrid “Dirt Nap.” This strain possesses the fragrance from parent Ghost OG and the great size in resin and bud from parent Do-Si-Dos. This strain is advised to take in the evening or late at night.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dirt Nap?

The great taste after combining the sweet, citrus with the touch of earth and pine this strain will let you enjoy upon taking this. Dirt Nap strain gives a high effect physically, which is good on sedating the limbs and drags you so hard in the realm of sleepiness or relaxation. This is also great in uplifting the mood. Additionally, it unravels boldness and craves for social interaction.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dirt Nap?

Dirt Nap is a great remedy for treating chronic pains like muscle spasms, headaches, or migraines. Also, this is great in easing down anxiety levels. Additionally, this is a great remedy for patients who are showing symptoms or diagnosed with depression. Thus, this is also great to help managing stress.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Dirt Nap

Whether in low or high consumption of this strain, this will let you experience the drying of mouth and eyes. Occasionally, too much usage or novice consumers would feel dizziness, headaches, or anxiousness.

How to Grow Dirt Nap?

Indoor or in outdoor settings, this strain can be grown. The hydroponic set up is the best-advised strategy to implement. The Mediterranean-like climate should have two settings. Growers should make sure that growing this would be free from pests and common diseases.