Dosi-Woah! R1

Dosi-Woah! R1

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
22 to 26%
500 to 600 g/m2
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Strain Information

Dosi-Woah! R1 is the result after crossing Do-Si-Dos with Ethos Genetics’ Kush RBx4. Almost every phenotype leans toward Kush heredity with green buds and high yields. 

This strain establishes out an intense vapor, earth, and pine terpene form, and despite the phenotype, Dosi-Woah! R1 is firm, tasty, and a pleasure to enjoy. The calming effect on the body makes this strain a tasty stress reliever.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Dosi-Woah! R1? 

This strain has a natural distinctive nutty flavor with a super sour bombastic exhale. The fragrance is of pungent vapor, and earthy pine with a hint of sour as the nugs are burned.

What are the Medical Benefits of Dosi-Woah! R1?

This strain is suitable for treating chronic anxiety, migraines, appetite loss, and headache. As your cerebral state settles, your body will begin to follow suit, losing itself to a tingly effect that causes a pretty hefty dose of couch lock and slight sedation without making you too drowsy.

Negative Effects you Can Expect from Dosi-Woah! R1? 

This strain’s releases robust recursive thinking upon using, making it not recommendable for those who are inclined to panic and paranoia or who have a low limit for THC intake.

How to Grow Dosi-Woah! R1?

You may opt to grow this strain either indoors as well as outdoors and will flourish into one of a high and fibrous type with a truly generous yield. This strain prefers to be kept in a fair warm, and subtle type of climate and is resistant to most popular bugs and molds.