Doug’s Varin

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
19% to 24%
10  to 12 oz/ M2 indoor and 12 oz/ plant or more  outdoors
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Strain Information

Rare to find Doug’s Varin earned its name in the cannabis world by showing off how energizing it is. This was found out that due to its THCV level that is completely different from other strains. Commonly, it should have fewer than 2% while Doug’s Varin has as high as 5:4 THC to its THCV ratio that means it is highly psychoactive. Though it was never revealed what created it, it is known to be Sativa leaning cannabis with colored bright green buds and uneven with pistils that are strike with tawny hues.

Doug’s Varin sends you off within a high stimulation that won’t last long, perfect to use for the recreational purpose but in short-term time and results. You can use this as you please during exercising if you want a boost of energy to keep you on the go.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Doug’s Varin?

The lemon sweetness and hints of citrus of Doug’s Varin are twisted with an earthy and woody pine taste. Enjoyable flavors with enjoyable effects that will be felt very energized when doing a lot of things for a moment. You will definitely feel focused and euphoric. When the high gets real you will be uplifted and aroused. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Doug’s Varin?

This strain is good stress and fatigue reliever. It can also help, if not to vanish, but at least reduce the inflammation and pain in the body. Most fans of Doug’s Varin sought for its weight loss effects and works as an appetite suppressant, good for those who are planning to lose some weight. But should not be advised to anorexic patients

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Doug’s Varin?

Since the high kicks not too long, the likely negative effects are just a slight headache, a little dizzy and sometimes feeling queasy. To minimize these effects, try to rest for a few minutes before doing something.