Fast Soma

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Strain Information

IBZ Seeds created this new breed with the genes of ruderalis, indica, and sativa so that it can be one of the best strains existing today. Fast Soma strain is boasting with high THC, coming from its parent strains, which are the Somango and Auto Anesthesia strains.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Fast Soma?

Sedation cannot be completed without the help of this weed’s very satisfying and delightful taste that is a blend of sweet, earthy, herbal at the same time pungent. It makes numbness more comfortable and relaxing when it works with the flavors that it has. You may want to try smoking this weed in the morning for a nice and productive day outside for some important tasks to finish. Whereas, if you consume it in the evening, it will provide you with peaceful sleep.

What are the Medical Benefits of Fast Soma?

The most common illnesses that people experience are stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, anorexia, inflammation, muscle pain, spasm, and others are now manageable with another form of medication. Fast Soma strain can give them that amazing healing with just one joint or two depending on the need.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Fast Soma

No matter how much delighted and blissful you are with this cannabis strain’s effects, it is still not proper to be consumed at a higher dosage. Otherwise, if users continue to do this act, they will eventually develop unwanted effects like dry mouth or eyes.

How to Grow Fast Soma? 

Growers will be happy in cultivating this weed. Aside from the easy cultivation process that they need to do for this strain, Fast Soma strain also rewards their growers with high yield and quality buds. Indoors or outdoors could be the best suitable areas to grow this.