High School Sweet Heart Breath

High School Sweet Heart Breath

Strain ratings
Strain Profile
15 - 23%
1.63 oz / FT 2
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Strain Information

Produced by Gage Green Genetics, High School Sweetheart Breath strain is a cross between the two outstanding Cherry Pie Kush and Grateful Air. This hybrid grows large, thick buds with large calyxes, containing tons of resin which is ideal for the cultivation of hash.

Cannabis fans find this strain so enticing because it provides pungent earthy aromas with fruity, gaseous undertones. Its effects are active and pleasant. Also perfect for daytime consumption. With its shockingly light smoke and sweet-smelling earthiness flavor, it has become one of the favorites.

Medical Benefits of High School Sweet Heart Breath

Because of its wide variety of effects, High School Sweetheart marijuana is ideal for assisting with a host of medical problems, signs, and disorders. This strain can also help relieve the following physiological symptoms: depression, eye pain, exhaustion, vomiting, and spasms of muscles. 

Effects of High School Sweet Heart Breath

High School Sweetheart breath pot causes sensations of joy, relaxation, anticipation, interaction, and upliftment. It is not that shocking that the most common side effects reported from this High School Sweetheart weed include dry eyes and mouth. If you feel these symptoms, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of fluids.

Growing High School Sweet Heart Breath Info & Tips

Growers of High School Sweetheart can find an excellent hash vine, due to the frosty, resin-packed buds of the cultivar. Although it flowers typically within eight to nine weeks, extending the crop from High School Sweetheart to week ten makes for better yields. It can be cultivated in an indoor setup and outdoor environment with a sufficient amount of sunlight.