High Speed Train

High Speed Train

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Strain Information

The High Speed Train is a product bred and created by Slanted Farms S.C., where they crossed the Wedding Cake with the Peanutbutter Crem. This weed displays long slender yellow-green fan leaves and the cute round buds with fiery red hairs. Frostings of white crystal trichomes make her truly shines as light touches her. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of High Speed Train?

Since the High-Speed Train possesses indica genes, it releases a fuel like ammonia taste that is mixed harmoniously with some sour and sweet flavors. This cannabis also has a mild skunk after taste that lingers at the end of the smoke.

Experience the warm and delightful spacey high that you’ll get from taking this beauty. This will make you happy and uplifted, with bright energy to motivate you to move. The effect also promotes creativity that will help finish the long-overdue projects. 

What are the Medical Benefits of High Speed Train?

The use of this cannabis gives excellent medicinal benefits to patients with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or mood swings. It also helps individuals combat chronic stress and fatigue. This marijuana can also be used to help lessen the pain or inflammation due to injury or any symptoms of autoimmune diseases. 

Negative Effects you Can Expect from High Speed Train.

The risk of experiencing paranoia with the use of this weed is very low, but new patients may experience such, especially if they have a very low tolerance. The most common downside of using this pot is dry mouth and dry eyes. Due to a spacey head effect of this marijuana, some may experience mild dizziness at the onset of its high, but such side effects will soon disappear. 

How to Grow High Speed Train? 

When growing the High Speed Train, it is crucial to keep in mind the nutrients it would need. Start feeding her with half of the recommended portion and increase gradually as she grows. This hybrid strain can be handled by beginners and can thrive either indoors or outdoors. Just watch out for some mites as the high resins will attract them.