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400 to 600 g/m2
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Strain Information

For those not in the mood for slow, Hofman is a highly recommended guerilla strain with fast-acting effects. In fact, it was bred in honor of Albert Hofmann, the world-renowned chemist who discovered LSD (also known as Acid) in 1943. Bearing that in mind, this beautiful strain is a cross of the fabulously famous hempseed known as LSD ( grown by Barneys Farm) with an equally outstanding Ruderalis. Sadly, this exquisite marriage is not available in liquid form and may be enjoyed only by those with love of the bong.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hofman?

Hofman is ideal when your soul is craving peace, calmness, and comfort. The intricate blending of the taste of fruit with the exquisite sharpness of the pine is sheer perfection. With just a tad touch of the herbs, one can almost feel like you landed in Shangri-La upon your first whiff of its fragrance.

In fact, this strain will make you feel like you have entered into heaven, your body full of euphoria and joy. Free of worries and problems, you can almost soar through the sky. Your body would be totally relaxed, and your creatives juices would flow. Artists, this is the right strain when you are stuck in a rut and seeking your next muse. However, beginners must take heed. Do not underestimate the powerful body buzz that may last a while, leaving you limp and satisfied.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hofman?

Hofman is an excellent choice for those looking to let off steam and destress. In fact, in addition to being a mild pain reliever, this strain is well recommended for those dealing with depression and anxiety. The euphoric effects are a great help to workaholics and overthinkers seeking to alleviate the atmosphere. Insomniacs are also encouraged to try this strain as it would help in nudging them to the call of Morpheus.

Negative effects you can expect from Hofman?

Dry mouth is one of the most common effects of marijuana, and this strain is not immune. Hydration is highly encouraged as users would experience the dry mouth, along with dry eyes and a bit of dizziness. Beginners and users who rarely imbibe might feel a temporary rush of paranoia and anxiety.

How to grow Hofman? 

This strain of marijuana is pretty easy to grow, barring the curse of the black thumb. As such, it is desirable to beginners widening their portfolio to connoisseurs of the pot. Being a robust plant, it would thrive outdoors with very minimal care. This plant will thrive in most growing conditions barring severe weather effects. In fact, this strain is known to be resistant to most diseases that afflict others of the same ilk and would often flourish while other strains have wilted and faded.