Hollywood Dream

Hollywood Dream

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Strain Information

Sunset Genetics had not lost its magical touch on choosing fine varieties of marijuana to combine in a crossbreeding process and produce such a delightful offspring. This has been true with their very own Hollywood Dream strain, the fruit of the union between two greatly intense strains which are the Gorilla Glue x Blue Dream and Sunset Sherbet. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hollywood Dream?

This weed is a bunch of great tastes particularly of earthy, herbal, sweet, and berries that offers an appetizing effect to smokers, causing them to be further enticed on toking the bud. It is most enjoyable when used during the evening, too, when all tasks are done and all that you have to do is savor the high. Hollywood Dream is such a good start for both beginners and even connoisseurs.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hollywood Dream?

Aside from being packed with recreational highs and effects, this celebrity marijuana strain also has some medicinal functions to fulfill. It is good to be used for conditions like stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, muscle pain, menstrual cramps, PTSD, and also migraine.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hollywood Dream

Whenever users exceed the right dosage for each session of this weed, that adds up to the chance of acquiring very undesirable conditions such as slight paranoia, dry eyes or mouth, as well as headache.

How to Grow Hollywood Dream? 

This is a naturally born mold and pest resistant strain which can be grown indoors or outdoors. Also, Hollywood Dream gives better buds when supported with fertilizers. The best type of soil to be used is loam soil.