Hot Rod

Hot Rod

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Strain Information

The intelligent master breeders from the group Dungeons Vault Genetics are the source of more added desirable strains in the market. One of those is the Hot Rod strain, which contains a mostly sativa genes. This weed was the result of crossing two equally popular and potent, which are the Motorbreath and Grandpas Breath strains. It has become a favorite variety since then.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Hot Rod?

The flavors of sweet, pungent, citrus tastes are what causes smokers to always choose this weed for a daytime or nighttime toke along with its various adorable traits. Daytime moments shall be filled with euphoria and energy once this weed gets into your system. Also, it is not a variety for the faint-hearted, for it may lead to an overwhelming yet calming and soothing that may be difficult to manage by beginners. This weed has lulling, very smooth effects on the body and mind when used in the evening to make one sleep soundly.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hot Rod?

There are various illnesses that this weed can treat and is thus greatly appreciated by its users and some patients relying on it. Those conditions include conditions like muscle pain, fatigue, stress, depression, arthritis, and others.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Hot Rod

This is a weed that must be managed and used effectively in moderation so that there can be no side effects to be acquired. If otherwise, users may have dry eyes or mouth for overdosing.

How to Grow Hot Rod? 

This weed is born with strong genetics that allows it to be protected from molds and pests. Also, it is very fast in growing that is perfect for the impatient growers.