Humble Pie

Humble Pie

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Strain Information

Bred by the masters at Dungeons Vault Genetics, this Indica dominant variety is characterized by the impressive frosting of white trichomes that cover the buds. The buds themselves are attractive with their magenta purple and light green color combination. This weed is the result of combining the Cherry Pie strain with the Grandpa’s Breath strain. 

What are the Flavor and Effects of Humble Pie?

This strain offers a delicious combination of sweetness with a bit of tang. It has garnered quite a following not only because of its alluring bud coloration but also because of this mouth-watering and easy aromatic and flavor profile. The effects on this strain offer a mental buzz that leaves your mind happy, elevated, and your body completely relaxed and worry-free. The cerebral sensation is energizing and provides you the needed mood boost for social gatherings or for a day with a long list of mundane tasks. It helps you charge through any kind of activity with positivity and motivation while keeping your body relaxed and calm all the time. As the high signs of progress, the body buzz will slowly take over the euphoric mental rush. This means that it is best to keep a bed or sofa nearby in case you start to feel the pull towards a fulfilling nap or sleep.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Humble Pie?

This nighttime strain is a great weed for those looking for a deep and fulfilling night’s rest. It can also help treat patients with symptoms of depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. Patients with physical pains, like backaches, muscle cramps, and inflammations, will also love this bud as its Indica properties can temporarily relieve these discomforts and aches. Another medicinal value of the weed is treating people who are struggling with eating disorders, such as anorexia, as the high can lead to the munchies, therefore, causing appetite gain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Humble Pie?

Cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes are some of the effects of smoking this bud. Its cerebral rush can also cause dizziness for those who are still new to the cannabis world or those with low tolerance levels. The effects of marijuana differ from person to person, and you need to know your own limits.

How to Grow Humble Pie?

This plant is a joy to cultivate. It thrives in any kind of setting, whether indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses, and does not demand much to flourish. When grown outdoors, it requires a consistently temperate climate with controlled humidity to avoid molds and mildew. While the plant grows to relatively average height (not over four feet tall), regular trimming on the upper branches is advised to make sure that the needed sunlight and air reaches the low growing branches. As long as the plant is provided with enough attention, care, and nutrients, it can reward its growers with aromatic, attractive plants within eight to ten weeks.